Rajinikanth Akshay film 2.0 releases 370 million rupees before release

Rajinikanth Akshay film 2.0
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2.0 is an upcoming Indian science fictionaction film written and directed by S. Shankar, co-written by B. Jeyamohan, and produced by A. Subaskaran. The film serves as a spiritual successor to Enthiran (2010), featuring Rajinikanth, who reprises the roles of Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. With a normal spending plan of ₹543 crore, it is the most expensive Indian film made to date. The film is shot in Tamil and will be released in 14 other languages with dubbed versions.

2.0 The producers of the film have made themselves almost secure by deploying it very cleverly and the release on November 29 will prove to be a bargain deal. It is possible that in the first week it will recover its entire cost.

The makers of the film have sold digital rights and satellite rights of all the three versions of this film on record amount before the release. Distribution rights of Telangana-Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Northern India have been sold. Producers have retained distribution rights for Tamilnadu and overseas.

Satellite rights for all languages ​​of 2.0 are sold for 120 crores. 60 crores in exchange for digital rights Hindi version rights worth 80 crores, Andhra Pradesh-Telangana rights worth Rs 70 crores, Karnataka rights worth Rs 25 crores and rights worth Rs 15 crores have been sold. In this way, a total of 370 crore has already come before release.

It is also easy to recover the remaining 130 crore rupees, as the producers in the North India, Tamil Nadu and overseas collections will participate in profit. This amount is not very big and if the film is not able to do good business then they will be safe. Yes, distributors may have a deficit in that situation, but the way in which the movie looks, it looks like everyone will benefit from the film.
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