Green Garlic is Very Beneficial for Health Keeps Many Disease Away

Healthy to health is green garlic, keeps many diseases away

The most typical of winter is the variety of vegetables found in the market. One of the vegetables is green garlic. In winter, green garlic and onions are most commonly found. Garlic is then used in every home. But the matter of green garlic is different. So tell you today about the benefits of eating green garlic.
Benefit Of green garlic

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Green garlic helps in increasing vitamin C, metabolism and iron in the body of a person. Iron is stored in green garlic, which contains protein ferrophobic cell. The use of which increases iron in the body.

Good cholesterol increases

The police case in green garlic protects against heart disease. There is a high level of magnesium in green garlic. This element increases good cholesterol in the body and works to keep the heart balanced.

Blood sugar keeps control

If you have high BP problems, start eating green garlic immediately. Eating garlic can also benefit from eating green leaves. Diabetics should eat specially green garlic. High BPP also keeps green garlic in control.

Strengthens the respiratory system

There is a problem of respiratory disorders, but it should also eat green garlic in winter. By eating green garlic, the body is exposed and the respiratory system works well.


Green garlic also has antiseptic properties. If any type of wound is in the body, it also helps the green garlic to fix it.

Blood Circulation

Those who have difficulty in not having blood pressure until the brain eat specially the green garlic. Green garlic consumption is well done by blood circulation.
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