How to Increase the speed of the computer Desktop and Laptop

Increase the speed of the Desktop and Laptop Computer

Computer PC Speed Increase 10 TIMES

Does your computer also harass you due to slow speed? So then this anxiety will not bother you, because here you have been given information about the experiments that are implemented and you can move your computer in speed. These tips will increase your computer or laptop speed by up to 10 times.

Before knowing the tips of increasing the speed of PC or Laptop, know what is the reason for PC speed dropping in a few seconds. Whenever you use a laptop or a PC, the Internet file is open and the PC also makes a copy of it. The PC speed decreases when this file gets bigger. Apart from this, some viruses also reduce PC speed.

Virus Scan Program

In addition to reducing PC speed, viruses can also damage important files. So first add virus scan program to PC. This program will scan and remove the hidden viruses in the computer. On the net you will find many free virus scanners.

Scan Disc Program Run

Run the scan disk program on your PC as it takes about two months. This program will remove unnecessary files from the PC's hard disk. This will increase the space in the hard disk and increase the speed. If this program does not run, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete button in the PC. This will open a box in the PC that will get information about the programs running in the computer. Select the Task option and close the program that runs

Keeping Temp File Clean

Due to virtual memory, PCs are getting slowed. For this, by clicking on the Start button, write% temp% in the Run Pen and click OK. Doing this, the template file saved in the PC will be open and you can delete it. Deleting this file does not harm the original file. Apart from this the vaccination of recyclables from the PC
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