A Link of Aadhar Card with Bank Account is Risky

Why Aadhar Card Linking With Bank Account Is Risky?

The former general secretary of the All India Bank Officers Confederation has told all bankholders to cancel the base link.

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Senior bank officials say that in case of bank account holders, their support card shares are shared with their bank account (in others), cases of fraud are increasing. Fraudsters also use the Unified Payment Interfaces (UPI) for fraudsters to withdraw money from the bank-linked bank account holders account.

Because UPI has an additional pay-basis support facility. Using this route, money can be withdrawn from the account. People with little understanding of technology and those who are not quite sure about financial matters should be leched with the bank account.

D. Thomas Franks, the former general secretary of the All India Bank Offices Confederation, has warned. He also gave a paradigm for this. On December 21, a phone call from Dr. State Bank of India A person named Lalmon came in. The person who made the call identified it as the manager of State Bank of India. Red Lal Mohan gave his support number.

Within a few minutes of his account, 5000 and Rupees 20000 was debited to Rs.25,000. So Dr. LalMo called in State Bank's Customer Care. They were instructed to block their account. However, through the UPI (Unified Payment Interface), he was taking money from his account. Only Rs. Money was lifted only when the balance of 200 was closed.

Although this person did not share his password (given to others), he had to lose full balance from the account. The bank says that he had blocked the account holder's account. The payment was still going on. The base card seems to be responsible for this turmoil. In this way, the pre-general secretary said that the number of people calling the Aadhaar number to the Aadhaar number is done.

Similarly, due to the expiry of the credit card deadline, the details of the credit card are sought by the caller who is also fraudulent. If this type of phone comes, then every bank account holder has a clear instruction to not share any details.

With this, he also demanded to remove the linked link with the bank account. The result was not as expected in the Prime Minister's Office on this issue. However, the Supreme Court has stated that it is not mandatory to issue a support card to open a bank account in its verdict.

National Payment Corporation of India, which has developed an application like Unified Payment Interface and India Interface for Money, has instructed to stop payment arrangements through a unified payment interface for a card based payment. There is an additional arrangement for pay-basis support in the UPI. This type of arrangement is also an eMiADet payment system. It can transfer money to the benefit (beneficiary) using the support number.

In fact, information about the support card and the support card number is very sensitive. A new revised system is still being prepared to use it in the payment system. Do not miss this system full stance.

In this situation, the steering committee has said in a meeting held on July 5, 2018 to remove the pay-basis support from the UPI-Unified Payment Interface and the immediate Payment System (EPS). The Steering Committee has approved this proposal. On July 17, a circular has been issued on this.

Subsequently, in September 2018, the Supreme Court declared Section 57 of the Support Act illegal. This means that e-Wallets, mobile wallet users and mobile subscribers must not provide their support number for this. Similarly, the Department of Telecommunication has also stopped seeking a support card in the documents for KYC (Identify your customer).

Under these circumstances, with caution of linking bank accounts, their support link should be canceled by going to the bank. The All India Bank Employee Association has also told banks to stop using the Aadhaar number.

All India Bank Employees Association's CH Venkatachalam said that the linking of the base has resulted in a huge increase in the number of bank frauds. Third party agents have done more such fraud than working in a loan. There are also cases of multiple loans taken on the same base card number.
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