Top 10 Hackers In The World

This is the top 10 hackers of World

Since the advent of the commuter, the world has changed so far. The way people work has become modern too. There is a situation in the world that there is no war and weapons but technical battles are underway. Technology also creates a situation where people can lose all their privileges due to one click. The technology has made it easier for the people to make the work easier. Today you will find information about such hackers. The names of these hackers come in the world's top 10 list. The world is amazed at its cause.

Jonathan James

Jonathan is known by the name of Kamrad in the Internet world. Today this person is not in the world, but at the age of 15 he earned the title of the largest hacker. At the age of 15, he had the ability to unify Nosto to the US government. Jonathan had all the US government's databases. The Department of Defense and NASA's network were also in the grip of Jonathan. James removed the complete information about the astronaut station management from NASA's network, which cost $ 17 million. Nasa had to shut down his network for 3 weeks. In 2007, Jonathan was arrested and charged with the police. However, Jonathan refused to accept these allegations and committed suicide in 2008.

Kevin Minicen

The story that became a Kevin Commuter Hacker is very interesting. So interesting or two lives in Hollywood has become two Hollywood films. Kevin was the most wanted cyber criminal in America's history. Kevin has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for this work and after that he was interned for 3 years. He hacked the American National Security Alert Program. Kevin spent 5 years in prison and then he became a consultant and began teaching people how to keep system securitized.

Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez had details about half of America's credit card details. He sold crores of 17 crores card details and he earned crores. He also made a group called Shadowkus. Through it, he created fake passports, health insurance and birth certificates and earned a lot of money. When he was arrested and a case was lodged against him, he was sentenced to 20 years of age 20.

Kevin Pollson

Kevin Pollson is also known as Dark Dante. He hacked a radio station system and won a show. In the meantime, he took over all the phone lines for 15 minutes. After winning the show, when he became the owner of Porsche cars, he came to FBI's eyes. However, he also hacked the FBI system after that. Not only that, he also hacked a supermarket system. Instead of this crime, he was sentenced to 51 months.

Gary McKinon

In the world of Gary McKinen Internet, Solo was debated. He hacked the world's largest military operation system. He worked for 13 months and had control over US Army and NASA's 97 computers. According to US officials, he had hacked 300 computer and he deleted the sensitive files. Due to this, the US government suffered a loss of $ 7 million. There is a case against Gary for the last 15 years.

Ginson James Enchante

 James Ancheta is considered a guru of hackers. He designed a virus in 2004 that once it runs on a system, it conveys the information to its hackers. Using this virus, he hacked 5 lakh computers and several websites and collected money from its owners. The FBI had sting operation in 2005 to catch him. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail and he had to lose all.

Jorge Hattz

It is not worth keeping Jorge in a bad hackers category. He never did this work to hurt anyone. He found technical flaws and forced companies to fix it. Especially for companies like Apple, they found the rift of every iPhone model. He even published these details in his blog. He also made the iPad and iPod's defects public. Later, Apple filed a case against Jorge but both of them were compromised outside the court.

Adrian Lomo

Lama passed through childhood and lack of adolescence. That is why it is also called Homeless Hacker. Adrian Lama hacked the security system of companies like the New York Times, Microsoft. It was very easy to break the security of large companies. Due to this activity, the US court imposed a fine of $ 65,000 on him and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. Lama then moved towards journalism.

Robert Tipton Morris

Robert is the son of Robert Morris, the chief scientist of the US National Communications Security Center. He first discovered the computer virus and was also the first person to be punished in a computer fraud case. During the study, he researched the Maurice virus and stripped it into a computerized world. The virus also damaged many companies. He was also sentenced to 3 years for hacking.

Owen Walker

Owen is known in the hacking world as AKKIL. He created an international group of hackers. This work he did at the age of 18. He hacked 13 lakhs of computers and damaged 2 crore 60 lakhs. He had hacked this computer named a computer named Exot. Due to this virus
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