Which Drink Will Keep the Heart Care

Winter 5 Drinks, which will keep the heart care

Heart disease patients should take special care of their health. In addition, there is a need to pay special attention to food when there is a change in food and less travel time. In the meantime, you can save 5 health drinks you have given here.

1. Hot Chocolate -

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Hot chocolate is good for you as well as heart warming for you. Dark chocolate is used in it and dark chocolate has a high proportion of biofluorobios that help reduce your blood pressure. Boil the milk to make this. Then add dark chocolate, sugar and cinnamon powder to it. Fry the egg in a separate vessel and mix it in this chocolate mixer. Heat it for 3-4 minutes in a microwave and drink it.

2. Chocolate and tea

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Both chocolate and tea are good for the heart. If some spices are mixed with this, then a hot chocolate drink will be enjoyed if the tongue is prepared with heart and body. To make this drink, heat the salt and a quarter cup of dissolved chocolate in a nonstick pan together and mix well. Now add coffee powder, cinnamon powder, vanilla extract and whole red chillies. Allow salt to be done until one minute. Now shake the sugar in a pan and stir well.

3. Ginger Drink

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Ginger remains in the standard food cholesterol measure. The risk of heart problems is less because it does not allow blood to be clothed and keeping blood flow uniform. You can drink a ginger drink to keep the heart warm during winter. Cut a thin slice of fresh ginger for this and boil it in water for 5 minutes. Now remove the ginger from the water and mix the citrus and honey in the water. Lemon juice can be poured in it. Drink it hot.

4. Healthy Tea

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To make this tea, chopped ginger and cinnamon are boiled in water for one hour. You can take it after a breakfast or dinner. Put it in the fridge and drink hot while it is jarir.

5. Cranberry Drink

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This Wonderful Drink will make your kitchen fragrant. To make this, just mix delicious cranberry juice with cinnamon and cloves and let it cool down. Meanwhile, cranberry cooked with sugar and water. If the berries break down, then keep them cool and then use it to greasy with toothpicks. This drink is antioxidant and reduces the risk of heart disease.
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