Google search result Anyone can modify this 'bug' does mess up

Anyone can modify the Google search result, this 'bug' does mess up

google search result

Recently, it is clear that the addition of a bug in Google search can easily be easily changed. A Knowledge Graph Trick was reported in 2017 and it was found that due to this, Google search could be modified. According to the recently announced report on this, Google search is modified and users are often misinformed.

This bug can be slightly modified and any search results shown above. Go to the Knowledge panel of any site and copy the share link and then paste it in the search bar and edit it and anything can be written. The changes made will be seen on the top of the trend. In this matter, Google has clarified that they are working on such complaints. The problem caused by this bug will be removed immediately.

Google has admitted that this kind of mess is being done in search results but it is not clear how long it will take to get this job done. Google is aware of this and is also working on it. It is worth mentioning that this bug can also be prepared for wrong information related to the search item. This condition can prove to be very risky. By taking advantage of this bug, people can make results by making a humorous change on Google search.
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