Stretch Marks Remove in 30 days apply this special oil on a daily basis

If you have to do stretch marks in 30 days, then apply this special oil on a daily basis

remove stretch marks

Both women and men are distraught with the marks of Stretch Marks. Women suffer from Stretch Marks after pregnancy, when men get stretch marks due to weight gain or weight loss. The body appears to appear on the stomach, tummy, hips. There are some types of clothing that can not be worn by stretch marks on the body. Because this target is not easy to remove.

Thus, there are special products available in the market to eliminate the marks of Stretch Marks. But many people are affected by this, while many people have to suffer from its side effects. But instead of using these things you can do domestic treatment and remove Stretch Marks. There is no side effect to this therapy. The special thing is that using this oil for 30 days will remove the stretch marks permanently.

To make this oil, first take a bowl of coconut oil, add the same amount of aloe vera gel. Heat both the ingredients in a pan and slid them in a low tone. Allow olive gel to keep it stirring until it is black and then let it cool down. If the oil gets cooled then fill it in a box. Now use this oil every day. Massage it 10 minutes and let it stay for 7 hours on the body. Regularly doing this will make you see the difference in marks.
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