Overlay Image Over Iframe Video HTML Tag

How to add overlay image over iframe you Can also watermark html5 overlay image on video Popup  iframe Poster Image put Logo on Video HTML.

IframeOverlay Watermark in Html Tutorial

Add Image in iframe overlay watermark in html also You can add Image Over Video Html Watermarking HTML5 Video With A Logo on Images Text Copyright Tag.

Why Add overlay image over iframe 

Many People Want to add Image, logo or Copyright Text on Own Video in Html Easily for own website You can put Watermark in own YouTube video or any other Host video You can't need edit video with watermark just put html css javascript code inyour iframe or Video Tag end See magic.

Use Below Html inline css and JavaScript code in Your Video

<div style="height:auto; position:relative">
<iframe style="border:none; width:100%; height:auto; z-index:1" src="Your Video Url ( YouTube) or any Other host Video URL"></iframe>
<img style="top:120px; right:20px; position:absolute; z-index:9" src="your Logo or Image URL" width="80px">

Watch Our Video for how to add Watermark Overlay Iframe or Video Tag.

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